The Granddaughters

Leo's granddaughter Anita Kinle has undoubtedly been blessed with a talent for creativity and uniqueness.

Her style dubbed 'integrationism' is pervasive throughout her work, because she includes objects embedded into oilpaint, often mixed with sand.  These objects include gold-plated mosaic leftovers from grandfather's workshop, dried flower heads, pieces of smashed mirror to create reflection, even an arrangement of Native American arrowheads.

Her brief but impressive period lasted about 8 years at the end of the 20th century, but Anita's life has taken another path.  She is a certified Naturopath, is a 2014 Iron Woman (Challenge Roth) and lives with her husband and two children in the city of Fürth, Bavaria.  She is very active in community service and has an 'army' of volunteers and benefactors who helped her founded the following projects: 

Naturheilpraxis für Akupunktur und Sportheilkunde offering TCM among other traditional chinese healing practices.
Laufclub 21 (a running club for adults with Down Syndrome founded in 2008),
Thomas Benjamin Kinle Beratungsstelle (a counselling center for families with questions about Down Syndrome),
Fürther Stiftung fur Menschen mit Down-Syndrom (a charity to benefit families and their loved ones with Down Syndrome),
and the yearly World Down Syndrome Marathon, which will be in its 7th year in 2017.
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Leo's granddaughter Helen Hernandez likes to get her hands dirty in the garden instead. She is trying to balance her interest in nature with her passion for technology.  Helen is employed as a Business Technology Analyst in a diabetes clinic in Northcentral Florida and graduated from the Ph.D. program for Information Systems at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale.

Helen and her husband have four adult children and live in Deland, Florida.