Kunst am Bau

Honoring the 100. anniversary of the community realestate division wbg, a special exhibit took place in the Kunstvilla Nürnberg in 2018. Works of Leo Birkmann were presented among the 17 featured artists of the period.   

The wbg commissioned artists to provide cultural value to the apartment complexes and buildings during the 1950s and 1960s.

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  Sgraffitio at the building entrance, by Leo Birkmann.
© and Photo:Claus Baierwaldes

Kunstvilla Nürnberg

This painting that shows three ladies from the Red Light District was painted by Leo Birkmann in 1949.  It is owned by the Kunstvilla Nürnberg and was selected by them as the theme for their special exhibit "Buntes Gewerbe — Glanz und Elend hinter der bürgerlichen Fassade."

The special exhibit ran from March 26 through October 4, 2015.

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  Buntes Gewerbe,1949
© Kunstvilla.  Photo by Annette Kradisch

Stadtmuseum Schwabach

The Schwabacher Stadtmuseum is located on the grounds of the former O'Brien Barracks north of the city.  On permanent exhibit is a painting of the school principal Robert Rohmer, Leo Birkmann's uncle.  It was donated by Rohmer's daughter Wilhelmine to the museum.

Leo painted this portrait in 1928.  It is one of his earliest known creations.

Robert Rohmer was the brother of the Johann Carl Rohmer, a talented painter of the early 20th century.

Art Galleries Nürnberg

Occasionally, a piece by Leo Birkmann might be available for sale in one of the city's art galleries, most of them concentrated in the center of the city [the medieval section]. 

Such as this still life on right, at one point offered by the Galerie Jacobsa near the inner city Main Plaza (Hauptmarkt).

Free Exhibits

If you want to see art pieces by Leo Birkmann without having to make an appointment, you may do so at your leisure by strolling through the cities of Nürnberg, Würzburg, Gunzenhausen, Georgens-gmünd, Schwabach  and Bayreuth.  You can view his creations at locations such as office buildings, street signs or in parks.

See the Sculpture Gallery for more information and locations.